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It’s been said that the United States is the only country that can afford to train its workers twice: once in school and once when they join the workforce. However, this is a luxury we can no longer afford in the competitive, global 21st century economy.

BASIC confronts this challenge by embracing the idea that businesses should lead the effort to prepare tomorrow’s workforce. BASIC is businesses and schools working together to build a relevant, responsive, and reliable talent pipeline.

Through BASIC:

  • Trade associations identify core competencies and collaborate with schools to ensure curriculums are aligned with the labor market’s dynamic needs
  • Businesses build a truly integrated talent development strategy through apprenticeships and experiential learning
  • All students — college-bound or otherwise — benefit from a permeable system that adapts to their career and educational goals

This isn’t philanthropy. It’s good business that results in stronger profitability for participating companies.

Become a Certified Center of Learning (CCOL):

A CCOL has a menu of options to participate in:

  • Career Exploration Experiential Tours
  • Job shadowing & Mentoring
  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships

Specific curriculum taught onsite is assessed by the facility and given accreditation by way of a digital badge housed on a common portal with the potential to crosswalk to earn credits toward an Associate’s Degree.

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BASIC’s partners include:

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